How CBD Can Help with Adjusting to Seasonal Changes

How CBD Can Help with Adjusting to Seasonal Changes

21st Mar 2023

Fall Season is just around the corner which means cooler weather and holiday gatherings coming up. It’s important to keep our immune system strong and healthy, especially considering the state of the world in the last few years. Prevention is key when it comes to staying healthy and so is avoiding germs as best as possible. The seasonal changes can affect our bodies and mood in many ways. There are many ways to ease the transition and using different forms of CBD products can help adapt to any transitions.

Getting Cozy & Feeling Good

Cooler weather can be nice but the change from summer to autumn can bring windy dry weather as well. Soji Health CBD has several great CBD skincare options that can help chapped dry skin during this transition to fall and winter. Soji Health’s CBD Body Lotion with broad spectrum CBD, lavender, lemon, and bergamot essential oils is a perfect moisturizer for dry hands that are exposed to harsh weather conditions. This is because CBD produces a strong anti-inflammatory effect on the body meaning it reduces redness and swelling of the skin. Using CBD skincare products regularly has shown to be very effective for skin conditions such as psoriasis.

Soji Health CBD Body Oil with lavender and peppermint essential oils is a nourishing moisturizer perfect for an all over soothing massage or just to keep the skin feeling soft and hydrated without feeling greasy. Another great way to treat the body to some relaxation after a cold day are the Soji Health Broad Spectrum CBD Bath Bombs. Soaking in a bath with CBD is a great way to absorb all the benefits directly into the skin and body.

Adjusting to Time Change & Holiday TravelingWhether it be due to travel or Daylight Savings Time, adjusting to time differences can greatly affect our overall health and well being. The holiday season can include travel plans and adjusting to different climates or time zones. Studies have shown that time changes can affect our body’s circadian rhythms and sleep patterns, as well as our mental-physical health.“The circadian rhythm is the biological cycle that regulates activities and physiology of most living organisms, typically daily processes such as sleeping and eating.

Soji Health CBD Vegan Gummies for Sleep or CBD Sunset Sleep Broad Spectrum CBD sublingual oil with melatonin are both great ways to help with falling asleep if trying to adjust to new time zones or schedules. Even if you don’t have trouble sleeping, it will help you have a deeper sleep so you can feel well rested and refreshed throughout the day. Taking CBD for sleep can help bring more calm and balance to your day.

Reducing Inflammation of Seasonal Allergies & Immune System

Healthy nutrition, exercise and getting plenty of rest and good sleep are essential for keeping a strong immune system and also helping with seasonal allergies but there have also been recent studies of CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits helping with these areas and maintaining good health. A study published in 2005 revealed that CBD has immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory properties across cells of the respiratory system. So it may function as a natural antihistamine. It also prevents inflammation in the airway which is why it has a positive effect on the symptoms of asthma.These cannabinoidshelp balance the body's immune and cognitive systems, among other things.

Taking CBD regularly can also help with balancing our mood, emotions and have helped alleviate conditions with many mental disorders. The cooler seasons can be fun and festive but getting less sunshine with shorter days can also affect our moods especially if we are not getting sufficient vitamin D. CBD can help cope with mood imbalances during times of these changes. Vitamin D deficiency can also lead to depression. CBD has been shown to improve mood and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression by increasing our levels of serotonin and dopamine. Therefore, CBD is highly recommended during the winter months when we are getting less sun in the day or even at night time as it provides a natural brightness during these periods.