How CBD Transformed My Skin!

How CBD Transformed My Skin!

Published by Emily Shea on 11th Nov 2021

Cannabis for skincare? What benefits could Mary Jane provide for my skin?!

I was given the opportunity to experience CBD skincare without adding anything extra to my regimen with Soji Health! I switched my cleanser. Within the first pump, I realized a minute amount of product goes such a long way. The lather is satisfyingly clean. The perfect amount of casually sudsy. Remarkably light feeling on the skin. The rose bergamot fragrance is appealing. A faint scent that leaves you feeling fresh. Without drying out your delicate skin. It didn’t take long for my face to finally start feeling healthy. My pores had been neglected by low-quality products all these years. They were finally screaming, “THANK YOU.”

Soji Health’s CBD facial cleanser changed the way I view my skin. I have experienced far fewer breakouts within the last year of using this product. My skin is the most manageable it has ever been. Within a week of daily use, I noticed my face becoming brighter. I immediately dropped the previous staple cleanser I had used for five years. With no hesitation, results speak. I was highly impressed with this new idea of hemp skin products. After a few more weeks, I noticed my skin gradually becoming balanced and less rosy. Combination skin can be challenging, but this tackles the job. I still have hormonal breakouts, but they clear up within a day or two, with far more minor irritation and redness. It’s a beautiful thing to have CBD skincare for acne and sensitivity. I am genuinely confident in my skin, thanks to Soji Health.

I’ve gifted this cleanser numerous times because I know it’s that good. My mother, grandmother, my best friend, and more. I want them to experience this skincare luxury! Without having to pay luxury prices. Another reason I adore Soji Health. They’re downright quality and affordable. The $16.99 bottle of cleanser lasts me about six months! When the hubby doesn’t sneak a few pumps. He loves it too!! CBD skincare for everybody. I wish I had begun using it sooner! I also implemented Soji’s Anti-Aging daily moisturizer and eye cream. The perfect trifecta to anyone’s skincare line. I don’t know what I’d do without Soji!