Pet CBD 101

Pet CBD 101

Published by Katherine Thomas on 17th Nov 2021

The holidays are around the corner! What does that mean for pets? Many people enjoy traveling and family gatherings during this time of year, but they can be terrifying and overwhelming for pets⁠ — and cause a great deal of distress. You can do many simple things to help your furry pal, like introducing our Pet Relief Oil before the holiday stressors begin!

Pet Relief Oil

Hemp CBD is a natural relief becoming increasingly popular amongst pet owners for its many health benefits. Soji Health's Pet Relief Oil and Pet Relief Oil with Salmon can remarkably improve pets' chronic pain, anxiety, and other ailments. Hemp CBD oil can show excellent results in dogs of any age, but senior pets, in particular, may benefit significantly from it. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system; hence our pets can also experience the same fantastic health benefits as humans from consuming Hemp CBD!

Goodbye, Pain

If you're the parent of a fur baby, you know that your pets feel pain just like we do. Soji's Pet Relief Oil may effectively treat pets with fear-related and separation anxiety due to its calming and relaxing effects, making it the perfect natural remedy to ease stress and digestive aliments for plane rides and family parties! During stressful times, supplementation with Hemp CBD oil can make things go much more smoothly for you and your pet. Many prescription drugs can ease anxiety in pets; traditional pharmaceuticals often have harmful side effects and can cause damage to the kidneys and liver. One of the most significant benefits of Hemp CBD oil is its potential to minimize or eliminate the need for pharmaceutical drugs.

Will CBD Get Your Dog High?

Soji Health's Pet Relief Oil contains 0% THC; you don't have to worry about your pet experiencing any high. Another significant CBD fact is that Hemp-derived CBD is also non-addictive. Your pet will not develop a dependency on CBD and can instead reap its many potential health and wellness benefits.

Peace of Mind 

Hemp CBD oil and its natural pain and anxiety-relieving properties may be an excellent choice for your pet! If you're in the process of helping your pet lose weight, or they have started to develop joint pain, try our Pet Relief Oil to put some spring back in their step. Studies have also shown that hemp oil supplementation can mitigate or even eliminate convulsions and seizures in pets. Ready to help your pets feel their best? Contact us today!