Guest Post: Why CBD Skincare Is For Men Too!

Guest Post: Why CBD Skincare Is For Men Too!

Published by Will, @grindngrowchicago on 1st Jul 2020

Self care is the process of making time to cultivate that which benefits your health. As a man I thought nutrition and physicality were primary in focusing on self care, so I've always been skeptical about adding anything new to my routine. After being introduced to Soji Health's Intense Recovery Eye Cream and Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer, my entire perception of self care has changed. I've expanded my understanding to include the work of taking care of my skin by investing in products that are high in quality, economically accessible, and also showcase other people of color using their products. Seeing how Soji Health covers all of these standards made using their product that much more enjoyable!

The Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer is applied after washing your face with a small dab that easily rubs into your skin and doesn't take too long to absorb. I prefer to use it at night as I wake up feeling as if my face is brand new! Any men out there thinking that it's cool to body wash and go, I implore you to give this moisturizer a try. I too used to think a little soap on the face would make everything ok, however that plus multiple days in the gym can leave your face dry to the point that it feels raw. Having CBD within the moisturizer adds the bonus of stimulating the body's endocrine system to rejuvenate your skin. Don't be shocked if people compliment your skin after a few days of use!

There is also Soji's Intense Recovery Eye Cream to help with troubled areas around your eyes caused by staying up later than we ever planned to be. Your eyes become rejuvenated thanks to the CBD being absorbed to reduce inflammation and tighten your skin. If this cream doesn't take a few years off your face, it will at least prevent them from being added on. To think there are products that can be tailored to the natural systems of the body allows you to trust the work within the product. Seeing Soji Health have diversity within the use of their brand was necessary for me to feel safe using their products. For inclusion within brands, as well as their product being applicable across cultures means change for the hemp industry as a whole. Make sure you don't put off your self care any longer!

Will, @grindngrowchicago is based in Chicago and uses his platform to focus on building a community for holistic health. You can find Will on Instagram every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday host his series "Inhale & Stretch" where he fosters "Self-Empowerment through Stretching."