Have You Ever Included CBD in Your Face Care Routine?

Have You Ever Included CBD in Your Face Care Routine?

Published by Kief Ivy on 1st Dec 2020

Throughout this week I was able to focus some time on trying out this new daily facial cleanser, from the Soji Health beauty care line. I know we aren't showing the majority of our faces in public during this coronavirus hardship, but I still think it's important to maintain healthy skin, regardless if people can see it or not.

After only a week of use I can say that I really enjoyed this product! Here are some of the beauty and health care benefits I noticed:

First, it has helped tremendously balance my combination skin, which is the inconsistent balance of oils on my skin. I am used to some areas remaining dry, some oily, and others just in the middle (normal). Really impressed how this was able to help balance my face so much, in so little time!

Secondly, my skin loved the cocktail of essential oils from this product. In my opinion, with all the added daily moisturizing from all these essential oils.. also comes added facial plumpness! This product in my short experience helped promote a healthier, more youthful look and appearance, and I'm all for it! 

I really can't stop looking at myself in awe when I see my face, now in a reflection! I can honestly say there is a noticeable difference from a week ago, in my opinion! —And my opinion is all that matters when it comes to my body!

Thirdly, and lastly, this face wash has really helped out with the texture of my skin; it has helped close pores that have been invading my face for years--slowly but surely those little bastards are disappearing. Not to mention, I haven't noticed any bumps from white heads or black heads appear during this week! 

Overall, this was a major step forward from my regular routine, from how I'm seeing it. All-in-all I'm really dazzled by this product! I'll admit I'm a low maintenance gal, and I never prioritize money in the budget for beauty supplies. Most products I've tried in the past "promise" so much, and leave you with so many regrets ($$$). I had kind of given up hope that there was an effective beauty product out there. Soji Health has introduced to me that there are products that work, that you definitely should be using on the daily! Can't wait to try their creams that I have!In case you're wondering..

This product is JAM PACKED with PURE plant essential oils, including 150 mg broad spectrum CBD! It's cruelty free and gluten free! All ingredients are promised to be “clean and functional." Plus a mega bonus is that it smells soo good, during and after use! Not to mention the aroma has its own calming effect, for me.

I would highly recommend this if you're someone, like me who struggles with balancing the oils and moisture on your face. I really feel this product could work wonders for all face types: oily, dry and combo! I personally think combination skin is the hardest to find products for, so I'm truly happy to have found this early on in life, before my 30s. I will definitely continue using this product from here on out!!

Kief Ivy is a passionate cannabis advocate with a background in engineering, drafting and design as well as an independent reviewer for w0lfpack Mentality. You can check out their blog for more product reviews.