Why Soji

Why Soji

1st Apr 2019

Quality – We only source our hemp from farms that are committed to organic farming practices. This means no pesticides, fungicides, herbicides will be found in our products.

Third Party Testing – Our CBD gets tested 3 times before our finished product goes to market. We use the top lab in California that handles 40% of cannabis testing in the state. They’ve even given us a 1st place award for how accurate our CBD mg count is.

Efficacy – We never use isolate as it is widely known to not be as effective as other forms of CBD.

Value – We make sure that there is a high concentration of CBD in our products with accessible pricing.

Bioavailability - Is the proportion of a nutrient that enters the bloodstream after being introduced to the body. If the nutrient you want to give your body does not enter your bloodstream than the nutrient will not have an effect. Most brands have a very low bioavailability, the industry standard is around 15%. Our nano-liposomal technology increases the bioavaibility by 5-6x boosting our absorption rate to over 90%.