Why Parents Deserve CBD Skincare

Why Parents Deserve CBD Skincare

Published by Samantha H., @the_canna_parental on 1st Sep 2020

As a parent, it's important to remember that if you're not taking care of yourself, you're not properly equipped to take care of anyone else. We can always see what our kids and families need, how they need to drink more water or eat healthier, or just relax more. As parents, we need to consider ourselves and our needs as well! I have been so happy to have been introduced to the Soji Health skincare line for that reason. I had never really thought about my self-care in a more structured routine form, let alone modeling it to little humans! It is something you need to be intentional about stopping and creating a routine with for your own care. Having the chance to try their Body Lotion and Soothing Topical Roll-On was another look at slowing down for my own care. Slowing down has a way of allowing you to see things in wonderful new perspectives sometimes!

Ok, so sit in the corner with me and let's get real. Have you thought about your future? What about the future of your skin? Let's look at the possibilities that the Soji Health Body Lotion could present to you and your future. Ladies, did you know that the décolletage is one of the first places that women show their age? This is something that I have wondered about, how exactly will my aging process affect that area? We have all seen the older folks that, bless them, we want nothing to do with their bodies when we get their age. On the flip side, I’ve seen older ladies who have taken care of themselves with proper watering, fooding, and lotioning (among others) and I would be FINE at 70 looking how they do! For us women, that top portion can come into consideration for how we can start taking care of ourselves better now. That includes the quality we give ourselves in the products we use. This formula is a deliciously thick one, with a little pump coating the entire chest with ease. It was not greasy at all and actually surprised me with how far it could be used. I noticed after the first week of using it that my décolletage actually was much softer, and felt thoroughly hydrated from its daily dose of creamy slathering. It was an extra treat as the smell of lemon, lavender and bergamot transported me to a desert spa each day, you can't help but be in that place of tranquility while breathing in! This four-ounce formula was perfect for focusing on a specific area and worked out beautifully for me. I have a hydrated and happy décolletage here!

The Soothing Topical Roll-On with its Peppermint and Eucalyptus was something I dove right into. My shoulders had been wound up like an Alcatraz siren and honestly, something soothing sounded, well soothing. We love them, but running around with our little monsters can take a toll on our whole bodies as parents. Finding new products that give us exactly the relief we need is sometimes the proverbial genie in the bottle. Well, this my friends was love from first roll, and it was absolutely as easy as I would have hoped. With no struggle to get the product out, it went on even smoother than butter would on real gluten toast that I miss so much. Immediately I could feel the peppermint and eucalyptus go to work penetrating the skin nicely. I didn't expect the penetration to be felt as quickly as it was, if I may say so. The tingling and relaxation of muscles that I felt brought a sly little smile on that stayed for hours. Three hours after application I had started to feel the effects dissipate, but even still the feelings lingered all day. All I could do was keep thinking back to how relaxed and pleasantly surprised I felt, and that little smile came back every time. I might add, this is one of the few things that can give that smile and be carried acceptably in my backpack. So if this is perked your interest at all and maybe you’re slightly curious, since these things always start with curiosity. I would recommend checking out the skincare line from Soji Health, or maybe you know someone who could use a little more of a sly smile in their days? Well my friend, I don’t think they would mind you sending them something any time of the year.